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  • Downend & Mangotsfield 6th Form Open Evening will be held on Thursday 19th October; more information can be found within the 6th From tab of our website

Year 11 Revision

In Year 11, we offer our students a wide range of support in order to prepare them to sit their GCSE examinations at the end of Key Stage 4. GCSE exams are the culmination of their secondary education; it is an opportunity for our students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and ambition to external examiners; to be awarded nationally recognised qualifications that they will take forward with them and hold for life. Ensuring every student develops a variety of revision skills and the ability to work under pressure is something we teach them to do so that they can meet the challenges of GCSE exams with optimism and confidence.

Students learn how to create revision plans taking into account all of their subjects whilst also being encouraged to maintain a balance between school work and their well-being. They are taught revision techniques which are based in cognitive science and receive continuous support from their subject teachers, house teams and from senior leadership. Regular assemblies are held throughout the year which are designed to offer support with everything from how to manage stress to how to set up the optimal study environment at home.

Revision Newsletters

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Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs)

Year 11 students have the opportunity to sit two rounds of PPEs prior to sitting their GCSE examinations in the summer. The first round usually takes place in November while the second in February / March. This allows students to experience the exam hall under the supervision of exam invigilators as well as the associated rules and regulations set out by the various exam boards. Students learn how to manage their time under exam conditions and potential gaps in knowledge that can be addressed in the weeks following the PPEs. By the time the real exams arrive, students know what to expect and are familiar with routines.

Guided Revision: Face to Face Sessions

From January, students are invited to attend various after revision sessions with their subject teachers. This provides students with the opportunity to revise under the supervision of a subject specialist. Students find that this eases the pressures of revising alone and it is often an opportunity to hone exam technique through focusing on specific exam questions. Details will be published in the Year 11 newsletter which will be issued more regularly from January.

Guided Revision: At Home Revision

Updated subject revision information will be available from January 2024.

Each department has provided students with a revision list with weekly tasks to complete from January to May. This helps students plan their weekly revision and manage their time effectively. Please see below for details of individual subjects:

Subject Revision Information

Revision Resources

Exam Preparation

Important Dates 2023 / 2024

Tuesday 5th September

Year 11 begins

Thursday 19th October

Downend Sixth Form open evening

Monday 30th October

Year 11 mocks begin (Round 1) 

Beginning of December

Progress Review 1 issued 

Thursday 7th December

Year 11 Parents' Evening

Tuesday 20th February

Year 11 mocks begin (Round 2)

End of March

Progress Review 2 issued 

Thursday 28th March

Year 11 Parents' Evening

Friday 3rd May

Confirmation of P16 destination deadline

Tuesday  7th May (TBC)

GCSE exams begin