The governing body has a statutory responsibility to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school and its curriculum.

The role of the governor is a voluntary one and we have parents, staff and members of the community represented on our governing body. Governors visit the school during the year and attend school events to celebrate students’ achievements.

Bob Hedge, Chair of Governors

Contacting the Governors

The governing body can be contacted via the main school office:
Tel: 01454 862 300
Post: Downend School, Westerleigh Road, Downend, South Gloucestershire BS16 6XA


List of Current School Governors

The Governing Body
Mr B Hedge Chair
Mr I Cooper Vice Chair
Mr M Fuller Headteacher


Parent Governors
Mrs R McWilliams Mr B Hedge
Mrs K Flemans S Thomas


Staff Governors
Mr E Turner


Community Governors
Mr I Cooper Mrs S Sheath Miss N Steventon
M Cook Mr B Hedge


Clerk to the Governors
Mrs L Wadsworth


Annual Report & Financial Statement for the period ended 1st May 2016