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 Exam Results days - Collection information for students


School Uniform

  • All students are expected to wear the school uniform with PRIDE. The uniform is summarised as follows:
  • White shirt which buttons at the neck (this can be long or short sleeve)
  • School blazer with the school badge
  • House tie with school badge showing below the knot
  • Optional school jumper (to be worn with blazer, not instead of it)
  • Tailored grey trousers with grey or black socks, OR, grey skirt with grey or black tights (skirts must be just above the knee as a minimum length; tight fitting “tube” style skirts are not permitted). Please see below for more information on the only styles of skirts permitted at school
  • Black leather-look shoes (no canvas, trainers, boots or coloured flashes)
  • Facial piercings are not allowed, students will be asked to remove these during the school day
  • Students will be asked to remove any Nail Varnish or artificial nails worn
  • Hair must be of a natural colour

Information: Styles of Skirts

pleat skirt Stitched down box pleat skirt with half elastic waist
straight Straight skirt with kick pleat at back. Back zip and fastening

Further Information: Skirts

As a school we appreciate the cost in ensuring your child wears the correct school uniform and as a result do not stipulate a ‘school skirt’. However there are two styles of skirt which are acceptable to wear at school (see below). These styles can be purchased through our uniform suppliers or at other shops selling school uniform, including major supermarkets.

Please note that these are the only two styles of skirt acceptable for school. All other styles are not to be worn.

PE Kit

 Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 students are expected to wear the new style PE kit. The kit is compulsory for Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 students and all new students to the school.

However existing students (Year 11) can continue to wear their existing kit for PE lessons.

The new PE kit consists of:

  • Short sleeve polo shirt – embroidered on the left breast with the school logo
  • Long sleeve football style top – embroidered on the left breast with the school logo
  • Navy blue shadow stripe plain football shorts
  • Navy blue plain track pants
  • Knee length navy blue sports socks

If any existing student wishes to purchase the new PE kit they are more than welcome to wear it.

What happens if my child does not wear the correct uniform?

Any student who is not wearing the correct uniform for any reason must report to their House office on arrival at school in the morning. After discussion with members of the House team a decision will be made and parents contacted. A list of potential actions is shown below

  • A non-uniform card will be issued for 24 hours – this needs to be shown to all staff on demand and is only valid for one day (this will only be given to students with a genuine reason or issue beyond their control)
  • An opportunity will be given for a student to correct their uniform/change into the correct uniform (we hold a stock of uniform in school)
  • A student may be sent home to change their uniform (parents will be informed before this happens)
  • A student may be isolated in school (including social times) on refusal to correct/change their uniform
  • Persistent refusal to wear the correct uniform will result in a fixed term exclusion from school for persistent refusal to follow instructions

What about hoodies?

Hoodies are not part of the school uniform and should not be worn at school. If your son/daughter wears a hoodie they will be asked to remove it. If this occurs on a regular basis staff will confiscate the hoodie and you may be asked to collect it from school.

Uniform Suppliers Information

You can purchase on-line by visiting the website of Initially Yours

School uniform available direct from Suppliers:
Initially Yours Limited
211 Soundwell Road
Bristol BS15 1PT

Phone: 0117 967 4472