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"Castle School Education Trust is committed to high quality education across the primary, secondary and sixth form key stages. Our schools cover the South Gloucestershire area. We encourage independence within each school within a strong framework of values."

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Staff List

Position Name
Headteacher Lisa HOWELL
Deputy Headteacher Wyn LOTWICK
Assistant Headteacher Jarah COLE
Assistant Headteacher Ben HICKMAN
Assistant Headteacher Liza BURGESS
Assessment Coordinator (Secondment) Ben HICKMAN
Business Manager Kim HUMPHRIS
Head of English Wanda SZWABA
Assistant Head of English Mischa BARKER
Teacher of English Clare ABRAHAMS
Teacher of English Elizabeth BROWN
Teacher of English Felicity PERERA
Teacher of English Sonia KAUR
Teacher of English Claire GIBBONS
Teacher of English Zoe PROWSE
Teacher of English


Teacher of English


HLTA: English Grace BEAZER
STA: Library


Head of Maths Anthony ELLIOTT
Assistant Head of Maths David DOUIS
Assistant Head of Maths Lynette DE NOBRIGA
Teacher of Maths Chris ASHWORTH
Teacher of Maths Karen CAMBRIDGE
Teacher of Maths Alex TULL
Teacher of Maths Anne MURPHY
Teacher of Maths Billy WILSON
Teacher of Maths Colin WALKER
HLTA: Maths Victor MINKOV
Head of Science Laura MARSH
Assistant Head of Science Rena KAUL
Teacher of Science Fran ALLEN
Teacher of Science Ursula BOWLT
Teacher of Science Rebecca DEMSKI
Teacher of Science Ruth LAVELLE
Teacher of Science Sarah PICKFORD
Senior Teacher: Timetable Matt McCOLLOM
Teacher of Science Emma WELCH
Teacher of Science Hannah QUAINTANCE
Technician: Science Curtis AVENT
Technician: Science Anne POWELL
Technician: Science Alexandr CRAIG
Head of Art Iain CAMPBELL
Teacher of Art Sandie MUNRO
Teacher of Art Thea KELLY
Head of Drama Jon VOAKE
Teacher of Drama Charlie SCHERP
Head of Geography Steve MORGAN
Teacher of Geography Sharon DAVEY
Teacher of Geography Laura CEASAR
Head of History Ewan TURNER
Teacher of History Jane BOLAM
Teacher of History Andrew PARASKEVA
Teacher of History Nicola PORTINGALE
Head of ICT/Business Tony JOHNSON
Teacher of ICT Matthew SEEARS
Teacher of Business Steve QUINNELL
Head of Languages Cath LOVE
Teacher of Languages Laurent DANSAULT
Teacher of Languages Marjorie DUMORTIER
Teacher of Languages Clare LENNON
Teacher of Languages Tony ROLLE
Head of Music Alice MUIR
Teacher of Music Samantha WHITE
Teacher of PE Racheal CORNS
Teacher of PE Aston NEWMAN
Teacher of PE & SSCO Natasha PETERS
Teacher of PE Lauren YEATES
Head of RS John FOWLE
Teacher of RS Kim LEWIS
Head of Social Science Kate LONG
Teacher of Social Science Sian VICKERY
Head of Technology Gareth WILLIAMS
Assistant Head of Technology Claire BURR
Teacher of Technology Wendy ELLERY
Teacher of Technology Ian FORD
Teacher of Technology Pam KEEGAN
Teacher of Technology Louise OLEJNIK
Teacher of Technology Wayne PEARCE
Technician: Technology Jennifer WILCOX
Technician: Technology Malcolm JORDON
Study Supervisor Lizzy NEW
HLTA: Innovation Centre Nick SMITH
Head of House: Brunel Sonia KAUR
Asst Head of House: Brunel Cathie PERKINS
Head of House: Carpenter Samantha WHITE
Asst Head of House: Carpenter Louise PEARCE
Senior Head of House: Grace Pam KEEGAN
Asst Head of House: Grace Caroline BAXTER
Head of House: Muller Laura CEASAR
Asst Head of House: Muller Angela HEWSON
Head of Sixth Form Katie LONG
Sixth Form Mentor Kim BUDDEN
Sixth Form Administrator Tracy BARRINGTON
Teacher of SEN Adrian AINSLEY
Teacher of SEN Tim BROCKWELL
Teaching Assistant Alison ARNOTT
Teaching Assistant Louise BARTER
Teaching Assistant Martinque Hill
Teaching Assistant Heather LUMBER
Teaching Assistant Ann MACEY
Teaching Assistant Laura PETRUCCO
Specialist Teaching Assistant – The Hub Gill SMITH
Specialist Teaching Assistant – The Hub Julia VOAKE
Inclusion Administrator Helen LEAT
Inclusion Administrator Gill TANNER
Student Receptionist Michelle DAVEY
Student Receptionist Sophie DORMAN
Receptionist Karen COOPER
Finance Assistant Julie BARNES
Cover Administrator Diane WALTER
Data Coordinator Mary SHELTON
Data & Exams Administrator Joanna GRANT
PA to Headteacher  Sarah WARE
Technician: IT Tim CARTHY
Technician: IT Matthew O’SULLIVAN
Technician: IT Neil SEARLE
Technician: Community IT Matthew MUNDY
Technician: Community IT Terry WINYARD
Reprographics Officer Jackie FILER
Premium Partners Officer Lara LOOMES
Premises Manager Jim FRANCOMBE
Site Supervisor Jim LEE